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The website is published by Luis Rubi SL, a simplified joint stock company duly organized and existing under the laws of Spain, whose Intracommunity VAT number is B67214700 and whose registered office is located at Muntaner 340 5.1 08021, Spain.

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1. Identification of the vendor

Luis Rubi SL, a simplified joint stock company duly organized and existing under the laws of Spain, whose Intracommunity VAT number is B67214700 and whose registered office is situated: C/Muntaner 340 5.1 08021, Spain.

2. Scope and acceptance of the General Terms of Sale

The purchase of products offered on the website (hereafter the “Website”) is subject to these general terms of online sale. LR3 products (hereafter the “Products”) are exclusively intended to be sold to end consumers, natural persons or end customers legal entities, excluding all resellers or intermediaries acting on behalf of resellers (hereafter the “Customers”). Consequently, the Customer represents that he/she/it is acting as end consumer and that he/she/it has no intention of reselling the Products for commercial purpose. LR3 can update these GTS at any time. The Customer can familiarize himself at any time with the version of the GTS then in force by clicking on the link The applicable GTS at the time of the conclusion of the sales contract are those that are enforceable to, and binding on, the Customer. Furthermore, with each purchase of Products on the Website, the Customer shall be asked to confirm the acceptance of applicable GTS on the date of placing his/her/its /her/its order. Said GTS can be viewed at the time he/she/it is asked to confirm that he/she/it accepts them. To substantiate this acceptance, the Customer must check the box “I have read and hereby accept the General Terms of Sale of the website”.

3. Terms of the Order

Any order placed on the Website shall imply express acceptance of the GTS and acceptance of the prices and Products available for sale on the Website.

3.1. Order process
The Customer who wants to place an order must comply with the following procedure:
1. Product choice: the Customer must select the Product that he / she / it would like to order.
2. Checking of the content of the Customer’s selection: the Customer checks the content of his / her / its / her / its basket whilst having the opportunity to delete the Products he / she / it has selected.
3. Identification: the Customer must complete the identification form made available to him / her / it and provide the requested information (mandatory information: title, surname, first name or corporate name, e-mail address, password, telephone number for the delivery).
4. Checking of the Customer’s order: the Customer checks the content of his / her / its / her / its order, the total price, the delivery and invoicing addresses while keeping the possibility of deleting a product or modifying the invoicing or delivery address. The Customer confirms his / her / its / her / its method of delivery and payment. The Customer must confirm his / her / its / her / its acceptance of these GTS by checking the corresponding box. The validation of the order is only possible after having checked this box.
5. Order acknowledgment of receipt: the Customer receives an e-mail summing up the content of his / her / its / her / its order, namely: – His / her / its delivery and invoicing addresses – The number of
his / her / its order – The date of the order – The list of Products ordered and their amounts. The Customer is advised to keep and print this document, which is official proof of his / her / its order. The order is then registered and
processed by LR3 which checks the availability of the product (s) ordered. Any order placed implies acceptance of the prices and descriptions of the Products available for sale.

3.2 Confirmation of shipping of the order
The Customer receives an e-mail summarizing the content of his / her / its order and confirming the dispatch of the same. The contract is deemed to have been concluded on the date on which this e-mail is sent.

3.3 Tracking of the order
A carrier tracking number is provided to the Customer when his / her / its order has been confirmed. If the Customer wants to obtain information concerning the progress of his / her / its order, he / she / it may log onto the website of the
carrier chosen by LR3, e.g., DHL, at the address, and follow the transport of his / her / its parcel live. The Customer furthermore receives information by e-mail concerning the different stages of the processing and preparation process of his / her / its order until it is shipped.

4. Product availability

The offers of Products and prices of LR3 are valid while they are visible on the Website, and subject to stocks availability.

Errors or modifications can exceptionally occur, notably in the event of simultaneous orders of the same Product by several Customers.

In the event the Product is found unavailable after placing the order, LR3 shall inform the Customer by e-mail or by telephone as soon as possible, by offering that he/she/it either order another Product available on the Website as a replacement, or cancels his/her/its order at no cost.

LR3 shall not be held liable in the event of stock shortage or unavailability of Products for orders not yet accepted by LR3.

LR3 reserves the right to change at any time and without prior notice the Products offered on the Website.

To ensure a better quality of service and availability of its Products with all of its online Customers, LR3 reserves the right to limit the quantity of Products that can be bought by a given Customer. Although all efforts are made to ensure that the colour and pattern of the Products whose photos are displayed on the Website are faithful to the original Products, variations may occur, notably due to the technical limitations of colour reproduction on the Customer’s computer equipment. Consequently, LR3 cannot be held liable for non-substantial errors or inaccuracies of photographs or graphic representations of Products appearing on the Website.

LR3 reserves the right not to accept an order from a Customer with whom it is in a dispute for a previous order, or if LR3 reasonably considers that this Customer has infringed these GTS or that he/she/it has been engaged in a fraudulent activity, or for any other legitimate reason.

5. Price

The Prices of Products are expressed in Euros, inclusive of taxes and excluding customs duties, for orders outside of the EU that shall be borne by the Customer. Outside of the cases of reimbursement made (i) in connection with exercising the right of withdrawal or for (ii) lack of conformity and hidden defects, LR3 shall not reimburse the VAT applied to purchases made on the Website (even in the event the Customer, after receipt of the Products, reships the Products for a third country outside of the European Union).

LR3 reserves the right to change at any time and without prior notice the prices of Products offered on the Website.

The Products are invoiced on the basis of tariffs displayed on the Website at the time when the order is placed, subject to availability of the Products ordered at this time.

All the orders are payable in Euros and must be settled immediately upon placing the order.

* Payment terms and conditions
By credit card (Visa, CB, MasterCard, American Express). The payment is made on the secure website of LR3 approved banking and credit institution. This means that no banking information regarding the Customer transits via the website. Payment by credit card is therefore completely secure (SSL). The order will then be recorded and validated on acceptance of the payment by the banking service.

6. Reservation of Ownership

The ordered Products remain the property of LR3 until receipt of full payment of the price by LR3. However, the Customer assumes the risk (namely of loss, theft or deterioration) regarding the products delivered from the time that they are delivered to the address indicated at the time of the order.

7. Terms and conditions of delivery

LR3 cannot be held responsible for any action and/or costs and/or taxes (which fall under the Customer’s responsibility) and/or delays due to customs over which it has no control.

All “in-stock” products that are sold will be prepared for shipping within 7 working days. All products being sold and manufactured “to-order” are subject to availability of fabric stocks and manufacturing times. Usually, all fabrics are already in stock. In this case, order shipping will be prepared within 4 weeks. In case the fabric is not in stock, it can take up to 2 months. In this case, the Customer will be informed and updated on the status of their order via e-mail. Once a purchase is completed, an e-mail confirmation will be sent with details of the order and an estimated delivery date. Exceeding this period will not give rise to any cancellation of the order, reduction in the price paid by the Customer, or to any damages. The Customer is further informed that, in some special cases (e.g. products marketed on pre-sale), the shipping periods indicated above can be longer.

If any order reaches a certain volume, LR3 can send it to the Customer in several deliveries and/or several packages.

Generally, all parcels are shipped via DHL Express service. Delivery via this service takes 2–5 working days. A delivery note is attached to the parcel. The Customer is encouraged to keep this delivery note, as it serves as proof of delivery. Complimentary shipping. Custom taxes not included. If the order contains more than one product, shipment will be made once all the garments are ready.

The Customer must check the compliance of the Products delivered at the time of the delivery and before signature of the carrier’s delivery note. He/she/it must indicate on this delivery note and in the form of handwritten reservations any defect concerning the delivery (damaged Product etc.). This verification is deemed achieved as soon as the Customer, or a person of his/her/its choice, has signed the delivery note. No claim regarding the condition of the parcel(s) will be admissible thereafter.

In the event of reservations regarding the delivery, the Customer must also confirm them to the carrier at the latest within 3 working days following receipt of the article(s) and send a copy of this letter to LR3 by e-mail to the address

In the event of an incomplete address, incorrect address, inability to place the parcel in the Customer’s letterbox, refusal of the parcel by the recipient, lack of information making it impossible to deliver the Product to the recipient at the appointed time, LR3 cannot be held liable for the complete, final, completion of this delivery. If this lack of information leads to a second presentation to the recipient, LR3 shall be entitled to request that the Customer pay the corresponding fees for this second delivery.

The Customer is subject to the general terms of delivery of the carrier that, in some cases, if he/she/it does not submit to them can impact the quality of the delivery.

Accordingly, in the event of absence of the recipient, according to the general terms of delivery of the carrier, the product may be presented again and/or left at an agreed drop-off point and/or in front of the Customer’s home and or in a “sorting – pending” center of the carrier and/or returned to LR3 who shall in no event be held responsible for any theft of, loss, or damage to the Products in connection with to their delivery and, more generally, the final quality of the delivery.

In the event that it is impossible to deliver and if the product must be returned to LR3 by the carrier, LR3 will not make any new delivery.

Any claim regarding the delivery of Products must be submitted in 14 working days following receipt of the Product(s) in the same conditions as mentioned above. If it is decided that the product(s) must be returned to LR3, they must be sent in their original condition (packaging, accessories, etc.) and according to the following shipping conditions. The Customer must contact the customer service beforehand via e-mail at to obtain a return number to note on the “Return Authorization” enclosed with the order as well as any information relating to the shipping. No parcel shall be accepted without a return number. This number must be written legibly with a marker pen on the parcel. The Product must be returned to LR3 – customer service – .

8. Right of withdrawal

The Customer has 14 days from the day of delivery of the Product purchased on the Website to inform the customer service of his/her/its desire to return the Product.

Altered garments are final sales, no returns available .

For any return, the Customer must contact the customer service beforehand via e-mail at to inform it of his/her/its decision to use his/her/its right of withdrawal adding the reason. Any parcel returned after the prescribed time frame shall be refused and returned to the sender. No parcel returned as cash on delivery shipping shall be accepted, whatever the reason. The costs and risks pertaining to the return of Products are borne by the sender. In order for the customer service to accept the exchange and/or reimbursement, the Product must be returned in full condition in its original packing, undamaged, with its label attached, not worn, accompanied by all of its accessories, and a copy of the purchase invoice. The Customer shall not have to pay penalties, with the exception of return costs.

LR3 cannot be held responsible in the event of loss, theft or damage of the parcel. Parcels for which the Customer’s identification (surname, first name, address and return code) is not possible shall be refused.

Any return must be made by a traceable method (UPS, FEDEX, DHL, return receipt requested, etc.) and the tracking number must be provided to LR3.

On receipt of the Product returned by the Customer, the customer service shall send a confirmation of receipt of the Product by e-mail.

In the event the Customer makes a valid use of this right by the Customer, LR3 shall reimburse the Customer for the sums paid by the same and corresponding to the acquisition of the returned Products (therefore excluding potential customs duties), within a maximum period of 14 days by bank transfer into the account used with the credit card bearing the Customer’s name.

9. Statutory warranties

The Products sold by LR3 are subject to the conditions of statutory warranties.

LR3 shall refuse any complaint for Products that have been used contrary to their intended use.

Any complaint regarding the Products in their current form and without relation to the delivery must be submitted by e-mail to the address followed by a written confirmation sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the customer service at the following address LR3 C/ Joan d’Austria 95 5º 1º 08018 Barcelona, Spain

9.1 Statutory warranty of conformity
LR3 shall deliver to the Customer a Product that complies with the contract and which is exempt from conformity defects at the time of the delivery of said Product, to the extent that the Product shall be fit for the use normally expected of similar goods and that it shall have the characteristics featured during the sale. LR3 is also liable for conformity defects resulting from the packaging, assembly or installation instructions provided such liability as agreed by contract or such processes where made under its responsibility.

9.2 Statutory warranty against hidden defects:
LR3 shall ship to the Customer a Product free of hidden defects that would make it unfit for the use for which it was intended, or that substantially decreases this use, that he/she/it would not have acquired it or would have paid a lower price if he/she/it had been aware of them. These guarantees shall apply provided that the Customer makes the request in a period of 12 months following the delivery of the Product (for the statutory warranty of conformity) or the discovery of the defect (for the statutory warranty of hidden defects).

Conformity defects that appear within a period of 12 months from delivery are presumed to exist at the time of delivery, unless proven otherwise.

In the event of an actual non-conformity on a Product sold by LR3, the Customer may choose between the Product being repaired or replaced unless one of these choices are commercially unreasonable for LR3. If the repair or the replacement of the Product is impossible, the Customer may be reimbursed and shall return the Product or keep the Product and have a part of the price reimbursed to him/her/it, unless the conformity defect is minor.

In the event of an actual hidden defect on a Product sold by LR3, the Customer shall have the choice of returning the Product and having the price and costs incurred by the sale returned or keeping the Product and having a part of the price returned to him/her/it.

In any event, it shall be up to the Customer to prove that he/she/it fulfills the conditions of the guarantee properly.

The return, replacement or reimbursement of the Product shall occur without costs for the Customer and shall not prevent the potential damages where applicable.

In the case of lack of conformity and/or hidden defects admitted by LR3, should the Customer choose to return the Product, he/she/it shall ship it to the following address: LR3 C/ Joan d’Austria 95 5º 1º Barcelona, Spain. The Customer must obtain beforehand a return number as well as any precision relating to shipping from the customer service to be contacted via e-mail at . No parcel shall be accepted without a return number. This number must be written legibly with a marker pen on the parcel.

10. After-sales service and availability of spare parts

Any Product that can be technically repaired benefits from an after-sales service for a fee. For any repair request, the Customer must directly contact the customer service via the e-mail at

LR3 makes not warranty regarding the availability period of spare parts that are essential for the use of the Products. LR3 shall nonetheless make its best efforts to satisfy its Customers in the event of a request for one or several spare parts.

11. Limitation of liability

In no event may LR3 be held liable for any damage which does not result from a failure by LR3 to honor one of its obligations.

12. Personal data

When the Customer registers on the Website, LR3 collects personal information (personal data, e-mail address, gender, etc.) via the registration form in order to offer him/her/it accessible services in the reserved access areas of LR3. The filling in of personal information concerning him is essential for the processing and delivery of his/her/its orders.

The order process on the Website requires the creation of a Customer account in which his/her/its information is stored and protected by a password chosen by the Customer. This information is strictly confidential and intended for LR3 exclusively. It shall be processed in strict compliance with the provisions of Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 and the regulation (EU) 2016/679, general regulation on data protection.

In this respect LR3 notably undertakes to: (i) guarantee the confidentiality of data of a personal nature processed in the framework hereof by implementing the appropriate security measures in its field of activity, (ii) ensure that the persons authorized to process the data of a personal nature in virtue hereof undertake to respect the confidentiality or are subject to an appropriate legal obligation of confidentiality and receive the necessary training regarding protection of data of a personal nature, and (iii) that its potential subcontractors respect the legal obligations on behalf of and according to the instructions of LR3.

The Customer shall at all times have a right of access, amendment, rectification and deletion of his/her/its data. To exercise this right, he/she/it may present a request to LR3 by e-mail to the address or by letter to the following address: LR3 C/ Joan d’Austria 95 5º 1º 08018 Barcelona, Spain Subject to validation by an “opt-in” of the Customer, personal information (personal data, e-mail address, gender, etc.…) can also be used by LR3 and/or its partners for marketing purposes like the sending of newsletters or requests.

The Website uses cookies in order to best satisfy and customize the Customer’s requirements. The purpose of the cookie is to indicate that you have visited the Website.

13. Intellectual property

All documents, information, texts, graphs, images, photographs or any other content published on the Website are the exclusive property of LR3. Consequently they may not be reproduced, exploited or used for any purpose whatsoever, without the express authorization of the publication manager.

LR3 is the owner of all the intellectual property (with the exception of authors’ moral rights) pertaining to Products and distinctive trademarks and signs under which the Products are marketed.
The Customer acknowledges without reservations the intellectual property rights of LR3 and undertakes not to infringe them in any manner howsoever. More specifically, the Customer expressly undertakes not to manufacture, sell, provide a license or market in any manner howsoever, directly or through a third party, for its benefit or the benefit of a third party, the Products, imitations or reproductions of the Products or the intellectual property rights pertaining to the Products and trademarks belonging to LR3.

14. Overwhelming force

Means all external unforeseeable and unavoidable circumstances, beyond the reasonable control of the party which is suffering a force majeure case. In the situation where LR3 is prevented or delayed by a overwhelming force case in honoring its commitments, LR3 undertakes to inform the Customer within 72 hours by specifying the exact elements constituting the overwhelming force, the reasonably foreseeable period of delay or prevention. LR3 shall then be exempt from the liability in connection with the non-performance or delay in performance of its obligations but undertakes to use its best efforts to resume full performance without further delay. In such a case of overwhelming force, LR3 may exercise its discretionary right to terminate the order or any part thereof, without being held liable, except however that LR3 shall be responsible to reimburse the Customer for any amounts already paid. In no event shall the Customer invoke a case of overwhelming force to release himself/herself/itself even temporarily from an obligation to pay a sum of money.

15. Governing law – Disputes

These GTS shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish law. The language of this contract is Spanish. In the event of a dispute the Spanish courts shall have sole jurisdiction. However, in accordance with Regulation CE 593/2008 of the 17 June 2008, these GTS do not prevent the application of a more favorable mandatory non-livable provisions to the Customer, and as may applicable based on the Customer’s normal place of residence. In the event of a dispute arising in connection with the performance and/or the interpretation of these GTS, the Customer may submit such dispute to a contractually-agreed mediation procedure or any other alternative dispute resolution procedure, i.e. the European Online Dispute Resolution lng=EN”>


1. Controller

1.1. The controller is Luis Rubi SL, whose head office is located at Muntaner 340 5.1 08021, Spain and whose Intracommunity VAT number is B67214700 LR3 – and its service providers acting on its behalf – determines the purposes, the technical and juridical means of the data processing and commits to take all necessary measures to insure that the processing is compliant with the provisions of the regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 26, 2016, general regulation on data protection (hereinafter “GDPR”).

1.2. LR3 is free to choose any natural or legal person to process the User’s personal data at its request and on its behalf (hereinafter «the processor »). LR3 commits to select processors providing sufficient guarantees regarding technical and organizational security measures of the personal data processing.

2. Personal data processing

2.1. The use of the Website, the access to specific pages and / or all information or services requested by the website User may lead to the communication of personal data. The processing of those data by LR3, as controller, and/or by the processors acting on LR3 behalf, shall be compliant to the Law and the GDPR Regulation.

2.2. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform the User, before accessing specific pages of the Website and communicating its personal data, about the way LR3 processes its data. The User shall be aware of this Privacy Policy before providing personal data by filing the forms provided in that respect in the different pages of the Website.

2.3. The personal data will be processed mainly in an automated manner, with procedures linked to the purposes described in point 3. LR3 cares that User’s personal data are processed safely and in confidentiality and takes all necessary measures to avoid loss, bad use, deterioration or deletion of the personal data.

2.4. LR3 also collects User’s specific personal data in order to recognize him/her and offer him/her an optimal and personalized use experience. This collection also aims to correct potential mistakes in the Website. The collected data concern the User’s connection (IP address, geographical zone, day and hour of connection, pages seen and / or used, etc) as well as the equipment from where the connection occurred.

3. Purposes of personal data processing The User’s personal data are processed in order to process and deliver his/her orders. The order process on the Website requires the creation of a Customer account in which his/her information is stored and protected by a password chosen by the Customer. Subject to validation by an “opt-in” of the Customer, personal information (personal data, e-mail address, gender, etc.…) can also be used by LR3 and/or its partners for marketing purposes like the sending of newsletters or requests.

4. Personal data likely to be processed The information given by the User while filing the forms or creating his/her account are collected and processed. This information include the User’s name, gender, size, address, email and phone number.

5. Consent
The User can withdraw his/her consent at any time. The withdrawal of his/her consent does not question the legality of the process already done, based on the consent given before the withdrawal. This right can be exercised by e-mail to the address by letter to the following address: LR3 C/ Joan d’Austria 95 5º 1º 08018 Barcelona, Spain.

6. Duration of personal data’s storage In compliance with the Law and GDPR Regulation, LR3 only stores User’s personal data during a time frame reasonably necessary to achieve the purposes for which it is collected.

7. Communication of User’s personal data for internal purposes

7.1. The personal data can be provided to LR3’ employees and staff who, acting under LR3’ direct authority, are considered controller or processor and receive appropriate operational instructions. The personal data can be disclosed to the controller’s employees or staff, appointed by LR3, provided that the data are collected according to the pursued purposes.

7.2. LR3 ensures that the processors, employees or staff guarantee the same level of protection than itself and ensures that these processors, employees or staff process the personal data only for the pursued purposes, with the required discretion and security.

7.3. The personal data directly communicated by the Users through the online forms can be disclosed and collected by external providers acting on LR3’ behalf.

7.4. The data are not subject to a transfer to a third country outside the European Union.

8. The User’s rights

8.1. LR3 guarantees fair and lawful processing of User’s persona data.

8.2. LR3 guarantees the User a right to access his/her personal data. According to article 15 of GDPR, the User shall have the right to obtain from LR3 the following non exhaustive) information:

1. the purposes of the processing; 2. the categories of personal data concerned;  3. the recipients or categories of recipient to whom the personal data have been or will be disclosed, in particular recipients in third countries or international organizations ;  4. where possible, the envisaged period for which the personal data will be stored, or, if not possible, the criteria used to determine that period;  5. the existence of automated decision-making, including profiling, referred to in Article 22(1) and (4) and, at least in those cases, meaningful information about the logic involved, as well as the significance and the envisaged
consequences of such processing for the data subject.

8.3. LR3 guarantees the right to rectification and deletion of the User’s personal data. According to article 16 of GDPR, the incorrect or inaccurate data can be rectified or deleted at any time. First, the User shall proceed by himself to the necessary modifications from its user account, then the User shall ask LR3 to proceed to the modifications if necessary. The User shall have a right to obtain the deletion of his/her personal data in the cases listed in article 17 of GDPR.

8.4. LR3 guarantees the right to restriction of processing The User shall have the right to obtain restriction of processing where one of the cases described in article 18 of GDPR applies.

8.5. LR3 guarantees the right to data portability According to article 20 of GDPR, the User shall have the right to receive from LR3 the personal data concerning him or her, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.
The User shall also have a right to transmit those data to another controller without hindrance from LR3, in the cases described in GDPR.

8.6. LR3 guarantees the right to object to the processing The User shall have the right to object, on compelling and legitimate grounds relating to his or her particular situation, at any time to processing of personal data concerning him or her. In such a case, LR3 will not process the personal data, unless there are compelling legitimate grounds for the processing which override the interests, rights and freedoms of the data subject or for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.

8.7. LR3 guarantees the right to lodge a complaint The User shall have the right to lodge a complaint regarding the processing of his/her personal data by LR3 with the AEPD (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos).

8.8. The User can exercise the rights listed above, at any time, by e-mail to the address or by letter to the following address: LR3 C/ Joan d’Austria 95 5º 1º 08018 Barcelona, Spain.

9. Processor’s limitation of liability The website may contain hyperlinks to websites controlled and exploited by third parties not linked to LR3. In such a case, LR3cannot be held responsible for the content of these websites, or for these third parties practice as regards to personal data protection. LR3 cannot be held responsible for the loss, the data corruption or the identity theft, which may be caused particularly but not only by the presence of virus or by cyber-attacks.

10. User’s data modification process The User can, at any time, modify the disclosed personal data by e-mail to the address or by letter to the following address: LR3 C/ Joan d’Austria 95 5º 1º 08018 Barcelona, Spain.

11. Cookies
Cookies are used on the site, in order to improve your experience of the site. The cookie identifies your computer and allows the site to remember your personal settings. Cookies are also used for
statistical purposes. You can set your browser to notify you when a cookie is to be activated. This enables you to reject usage of this cookie or to tell your browser to erase the cookie at the end of your visit. The web shop cannot be used if cookies are disallowed. A user-ID will be assigned to log in users, which allows for anonymized website tracking across multiple devices (table, desktop, mobile, etc.). No personally identifiable data is collected or connected to the user-ID and you can opt out by contacting

12. Privacy policy’s modification
LR3 reserves the right to modify this Privacy policy for compliance with privacy laws and regulations or in order to adapt it to its practice. Therefore, the User is encouraged to consult it regularly to be aware of potential modifications and adaptations.