About - LR3


There are three intentions behind LR3:

  1. To affect positive change on people. You should wear what whatever makes you happy.
  2. To end the rules of beauty archetypes standard. You are perfectly beautiful as you are.
  3. To build LR3 on solid and ethical grounds.



Something quite magical happens when people try on our clothes. No matter their body proportions, gender, age or culture… the emotions fill the room, and they smile, dance, spin around and play with the garments they’re wearing. They forget what they think their style is. They forget all the preconceived rules of what does and doesn’t suit them.

Every aspect of LR3 is thought out to make you feel it, to make you remember it:

  • The clothes’ details, volume and movement… how they fly.
  • The fact that all pieces only come in One Size.
  • The energy of the orange line in every garment.
  • The spirit of the LR3 logo representing the movement and dance that the clothes bring about.
  • The personality of the people in our campaigns.
  • The music, the rhythm and movement in our videos.
  • The packaging volume and details are designed to deliver a major highlight at the end of the shopping experience.



There are hundreds of rules about what we all should and should not wear. What happens if we erase all those rules, stop judging each other’s bodies and clothes, and allow ourselves to wear whatever makes us happy?

The many different people we photographed wearing LR3 garments are the soul of the project. We call them Contributors.

If we really want to inspire people, the only way is to it with PEOPLE.

Each contributor that we photograph decides for themselves how to wear and style the clothes, and during the shoot they do whatever they want to do.

That’s why, on our website and social media, we share who they are and what they do, as well as their measurements and their social media links.

At the same time, in order to inspire everyone, each garment is photographed on many different people. This turns out to be our best tool for inspiring and selling.

Inclusive design brings the opportunity to help break down rules, and that is why LR3 clothes are non-gendered and only come in One Size to fit all body shapes. During the design process, we always fit each piece on many different people to make sure the garment meets this goal and is the real deal.



Our collection does not follow fashion cycles: all pieces are part of our permanent collection. That allows our customer to think and to buy in a reflexive (not impulsive) way.

We wanted to offer an alternative, deeply personal and immersive shopping experience, where people buy something that is made-to-order just for them. It takes three to five weeks to make each order, and this allows us to involve our customers in the production process. Also, manufacturing on demand allows us to fulfil special needs and specific alterations.

LR3 pieces are collectable. New colours and fabrics are added to the collection periodically to add a sense of novelty and excitement.


Founded by Louis Rubi and Daniel Corrales.

Based in Paris, France.

PARIS STORE. 3 Rue Française, 75001.