About - LR3


“Just having fun with it” has always been Louis’s moto.
We created this brand to inspire people to have fun with clothes and to free themselves from society’s standards and expectations.
The most important thing here is The Contributors: their individuality, charisma and soul.
Generally, throughout the world, we use clothes to show off the things we like and hide the things we don’t like.
In other cases, we dress for other people: identifying the type of person we are (socially, culturally, economically).
We are told to stay normal throughout our lives – to fit in and follow.
In our case, we want to change people’s perception and push them to have a bit more fun.


We want to give visibility and a voice to everyone involved in building this: in all processes and throughout the development stages.
We believe in community; it is all about the people out there who decide to put their trust in us.
We also want customers to be involved in the process of creating before buying.
We want to be conscious about the world we live in. Therefore, we decided to be very careful in selecting what our products are made from, where they are made and how they are made.


We want to do things differently.

This is a slow fashion brand, meaning that we are not going to run following the system of fashion seasons.
We want people to think of our clothes as timeless pieces, and we want them to be worn for years to come.
For that reason, our clothes will always be available for you to buy them.
Focusing on high quality, both in terms of fabrics and manufacturing, our production takes place in Spain and Portugal.

We transformed all the negatives aspects of the industry into positives to create our ethos.


no gender / ALL GENDERS 

no sizes / ALL BODY SHAPES  

no races / JUST HUMANS

no age limit / ALL AGES  

no mannequins  / REAL PERSONALITIES 

no fast fashion / SLOW FASHION


no stock / MADE FOR YOU   

no wholesale / CONSUMER DIRECT    


Founded by Louis Rubi and Daniel Corrales.

Based in Barcelona, Spain.